Arvedi Steel Technology minimill producing hot rolled coils and sheet, black, pickled & oiled and skinpassed
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The idea

At the end of the 1980s a project reached maturation for a great technological innovation in the steelmaking sector based on the innovative ideas of Giovanni Arvedi, together with the continuous casting and rolling plant experience of Mannesmann Demag, and developed by his technical staff in terms of plant conception.
This new technology, called ISP (In-line Strip Production), patented in the most important industrialised countries and now 100% owned by Arvedi, came into being with the objective of achieving a technically and economically efficient casting and rolling plant, even a small one, aimed at thin gauge quality products; it is the fruit of the experience and demands that come from running the Groupís leading companies both in the distribution and manufacture of welded tubes for the quality market and the manufacture of steel slabs. With this technology it is possible to achieve a new model of works for the manufacture of flat rolled steel with a much more compact lay-out, characterised by efficiency, manageability, flexibility, product quality, ergonomics and greater compatibility with the environment deriving from a lower impact due to its smaller size and above all to much lower energy consumption.
In 2009 production started up at the new plant based on Arvedi ESP (Endless Strip Production) technology, a direct evolution of the previous ISP technology, an epoch-making innovation: the continuous casting and rolling process.

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View of the plant
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