Arvedi Steel Technology minimill producing hot rolled coils and sheet, black, pickled & oiled and skinpassed
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The history - from ISP to ESP

ISP (In-line Strip Production) technology is an innovative technology conceived within the Group towards the end of the 1980s and developed and industrialised in the early 1990s on the Acciaieria Arvedi plant in Cremona. It is covered by numerous patents relative to both the whole process and its single component phases. This technology translates into a manufacturing process which belongs to the new generation of compact plants for the manufacture of steel coils which appeared on the world scene between the late 1980s and early 1990s based on the so-called “thin slab” concept.

ISP plant and technological development has proceeded since 1992 to achieve excellent results and has paved the way for even more advanced future developments. The plant using Arvedi ISP technology, on the basis of the results obtained so far, is the most advanced in terms of compactness, flexibility and product quality and is the only one to show important possibilities for further development.

The experience and research conducted in years of intense work on the Cremona ISP plant, which has produced over 13 million tonnes of steel, now allows a further step forward with the realisation of ESP (Endless Strip Production) process technology which connects casting and rolling in a fully continuous process.

Technological development has led to the application for new patents regarding thin slabs, special plates, coils and billets, leading to the re-definition of the technology as Arvedi Steel Technology - AST.


Plant lay-out
Caster mill configuration
First reduction