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The aim of Cremona Sportiva is above all to introduce young people to sport from primary school, emphasizing the social and educational aspects of practising sport rather than exasperated competitiveness. Competition is for the developed athlete should he or she show the necessary capability and attitude and always in the logic of educational development.

2014 was another year of growth and success for the sports community which sees the Arvedi Group alongside Cremona Sportiva. Cremona Sportiva can now count three different centres in the province - in Cremona, Soncino and Casalbuttano – with over 350 registered athletes supported by 17 technicians and trainers: 13 in Cremona, 2 in Soncino and 2 in Casalbuttano. All categories of age groups for boys and girls, as provided by the Italian Track and Field Athletics Federation, are represented covering the whole range from 6 year-olds onwards and includes some signed-up members for the amateur and senior master sector.

2014 confirmed the trend of the previous years both in terms of results and in the numbers of signed-up young members.

The most important results achieved in 2014 were: second place for Roberta Molardi at the Italian winter championships and at the Italian promesse (20-21 yrs) championships in the javelin throw; fifth place, still for Roberta Molardi, at the Italian Championships for the javelin throw with a throw of 50.29 m, her best-ever result. Also certainly worthy of mention is Stefano Arrθ who came third at the Italian indoor championships in the allievi (16-17 yrs) category running in the 200m with a time of 22.68 sec. There was great satisfaction also for the cadetti and cadette categories (13-15 yrs) with 4 athletes who qualified to take part in the national finals in which the best qualified was Giantommaso Bentivoglio who came fifth in the pole vault clearing 3.70 m.

As well as these outstanding results we also wish to bring attention to the participation of 5 other athletes at top-level national events..

The management and staff of Cremona Sportiva worked hard to organize 17 events, from the traditional Interregional Memorial Meeting in collaboration with Cremona’s Panathlon Club, to two interregional competitions as well as various provincial championships and events. This year it also organized the regional club championship finals for the girls and boys categories with positive results for both teams.

Moreover, as has been the case for several years now, the number of signed-up members of the younger categories (10-13 year-olds), the youngest athletes in track and field athletics, has been growing constantly, living proof that the work carried out is of great value in promoting sport, our distinguishing characteristic.

Among the athletes who distinguished themselves in 2014 are:

ROBERTA MOLARDI 1993 promesse category – 20-21 year-olds) second place in the javelin throw at the Italian winter championships, third in the Italian university championships, second in the Italian promesse championshisp and fifth place in the Italian Championships with her best-ever throw of 50.29 m.

STEFANO ARRΘ (1997 allievi category – 16-17 year-olds) third place in the Italian indoor championships in the 200 m event with a time of 22.68 sec. he also took part in the Italian allievi outdoor championships.

GIANTOMMASO BENTIVOGLIO (2000 cadetti category – 10-13 year-olds) fifth place in the Italian cadetti championships in the pole vault clearing 3.70 m.

SVEVA GEREVINI (1996 juniores category – 18-19 year-olds) took part in the Italian juniores championships in the javelin throw event with a throw of 36.87 m.

FABIO LEGGERI (1996 juniores category – 18-19 year-olds) eighth place in the Italian juniores indoor championships in the shot put with a throw of 14.53 m.

The following athletes also took part in the Italian championships in their respective categories:






CHIARA OKEREKE hammer throw

EMMA DE GENNARO 100-metre hurdles

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