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Arvedinforma came into being in 1999 as an instrument of communication at a group level to report news and information regarding typical company and social activities.

The first edition was printed in summer 1999 and subsequent editions have grown richer both in the number of pages and editorial form. It is regularly distributed among all the employees, retired workers, customers and suppliers and sent to over 100 top level representatives of the local administration and business associations.

Summer 2005


Summary of Arvedinforma no. 16
  • A positive balance sheet. All the data for 2004.
  • An eye to Europe. The success of the Foundation’s meetings.
  • The Group’s Corporate Identity comes into being. Work on the image to create a stronger link between the companies.
  • ATA. A Sap tag “revolution”. A new way of “thinking” the company to serve the customer better.
  • Arinox. How stainless steel enters every home. New products for domestic appliances to guarantee the best performances.
  • Ilta. The new Russia, the market of the future. Cremonese representatives from Robecco at the Moscow Tube fair.
  • Acciaieria, ATA and Ilta, friends of the environment. ISO 14001 certification rewards the Group’s respect for the environment.
  • Celebrations for the new galvanising line. The new line is inaugurated in the presence of the governor of Lombardy.
  • Montezemolo at the new steel works. The visit by the President of Confindustria.
  • Alpa. A day at the seaside. Pensioners on a trip to the Cinque Terre.
  • The traditional trophy organised by the trade unions won by Roberto Gerevini
  • The new conventions
  • A life for Cremonese athletics. The association between the Arvedi Group and Cremona Sportiva started in 1986.
  • Cremona meets Vienna

Winter 2005


Summary of Arvedinforma no. 15
  • 185-metre plant line
  • History. How the idea came into being
  • History. From site to start-up in 16 months
  • Products. Why “galvanise”? Explanation of a process
  • Products. One quality, a thousand applications
  • A joint effort

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