An ecological and ergonomic works ready for the new goals of decarbonization

A very modern industrial works, due to its technological conception, it is preparing to face the new challenge of decarbonisation while maintaining a high level of competitiveness. Since 2010, when production on the ESP (Endless Strip Production) line started, it enhances the strong points of the technology from which it derives.


In 2021 sales volumes exceeded 3,2 million tonnes.

Product Range

A new product


Arvedi coils guarantee thickness tolerances set by standards inArvedi has now launched an investment plan directed at decarbonizing production at the Cremona and Trieste sites.
The aim is to produce steel starting from 70% recycled raw materials and re-use practically all process residuals (99%). a close field, a practically flat cross-section and a longitudinal profile with variations of 0.4 mm


I coils Arvedi garantiscono tolleranze di spessore imposte dalle normative in campo ristretto, profilo trasversale praticamente piatto e profilo longitudinale ocn variazioni di 0,4 mm


The highly automated and controlled production system guarantees the manufacture of constant high quality products, while dimensional precision, for the same thickness, allows the user to minimize machine settings, raising production yields.


Nel processo brevettato Arvedi l’assenza di segregazioni migliora le caratteristiche dell’acciaio in termini di resistenza a fatica e resilienza alle basse temperature


ESP technology, the added value of the Arvedi Group

In only 180 metres the liquid steel is transformed into quality coils through continuous cast-rolling.

Cremona and Trieste, integration of the production processes

With the acquisition of the works in Servola, Trieste, Acciaieria Arvedi’s cold rolled product range is extended.

Constant growth

With the installation of three more slitting lines, the production capacity for material cut into strips is 1.5 million tonnes/year.


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