Steels for pressure vessels as per EN 10028-3

EuropeMaterial no.DFIGBUSA
EN 10028-3 DIN 17103NFA 36-205, 36-207UNI 7382BS 1501ASTM
P355N1.0562StE 355A 510 APFe E 355 KG225-490 AA 516 Gr. 70
P355NH1.0565WStE 355A 510 APFe E 355 KW225-490 BA 516 Gr. 70
Feasibility range

1) For thicknesses up to 2.5 mm maximum width is 1520 mm
2) Feasibility on the specific combination of thickness and width must be verified in the order phase

Chemical composition
 max.max. max.max.max.max.max.max.max.max.
P355N0.180.501.10 - 1.700.0250.0100.0120.500.360.1060.0560.43
P355NH0.180.501.10 - 1.700.0250.0100.0120.500.360.1060.0560.43
Mechanical properties
GradeYield point min.Tensile strengthElongation min
 s ≤ 16s > 16  
P355N355345490 - 63022
P355NH355345490 - 63022

1) s = nominal thickness in mm

Minimum yield point at elevated temperatures
GradeYield point at elevated temperature Rp0,2 in MPa at a test temperature in °C of
 s ≤s >s ≤s >s ≤s >s ≤s >s ≤s >s ≤s >s ≤s >s ≤s >

1) s = nominal thickness in mm

Notch impact energy
GradePosition of samplesMinimum value of notch impact energy1) in J at a test temperature in °C of
P...N --456575
P...NH --456575
P...N --304050
P...NH --304050