A safe and environmentally sustainable product

Thanks to the installation of the pre-painting line, Acciaieria Arvedi is able to achieve complete verticalization of flat rolled steel products, from the hot rolled coil to the pre-painted strip, at a single production site and with compact processes that are environmentally sustainable and a guarantee for the quality of the end product.

The choice of the most suitable type of paint can be made by the Customer or suggested by Arvedi’s technicians. Polyester Paints, HD (high durability) Polyesters and paints with PVDF (polyvinyl fluoride) resins are the best known and developed painting systems.

Customization with other painting systems is always possible upon request.

Arvedi pre-painted steel is a safe product, devoid of compounds based on hexavalent chromium, lead or other heavy metals, as provided by the European Union directive REACH regarding the protection of human health and the environment from risks from chemical substances.

Moreover, the steel substrates derives from our innovative Arvedi ISP/ESP® steelmaking processes which fully exploit the recyclability of steel and significantly lower CO2 and NOx emissions compared with traditional processes.

Size range:

  • Minimum thickness: 0.3 mm
  • Maximum thickness: 1.2 mm
  • Maximum width: 1500 mm

Main painting systems: Polyester, HD high durability polyester, PVDF. Other painting systems available upon request.

Colours: these can be all RAL colours and, upon request, customized colours.

Appearance: smooth or rough.

Configurator of the painting cycle as a function of the category of resistance to solar radiation

Configurator of the painting cycle as a function of the corrosion resistance category