Highly flexible and reliable production to compete in the quality steels segment

Acciaieria Arvedi’s particular plant conception makes special products, with their higher added value, the strong point of the sales mix since they can be produced flexibly and economically.

Italian and foreign customers recognize the best quality characteristics of Arvedi steel with regard to weldability, formability, resistance and constant properties.

These positive characteristics as a consequence are reflected in significant savings for all industrial production using steel as its raw material.

The hot rolled coil is produced in the broadest range of gauges down to 0.8 mm. Thanks to close dimensional tolerances, similar to those of cold rolled products, processing yield to the benefit of the end user is higher.

It welds better and processes better because it is very clean, having been obtained from a production and refining cycle which ensures a very low inclusional level.


The product is obtained through a highly automated production system each phase of which is perfectly controlled. This is why we are able to ensure product consistency and repetitiveness.


Workability is given by the very fine grain size (ASTM 11-12) which improves the elongation characteristics and enhances attitude to cold deformation of the steel through profiling and pressing.


The low levels of sulphur, obtained through a special liquid steel refining process, and the absence of segregation, fruit of the typical Arvedi liquid core reduction process, improve resistance characteristics and give the steel excellent characteristics of fatigue resistance and resilience to low temperatures.


Thickness tolerances are guaranteed within the limits set by close tolerances of standard EN10031, with a practically flat cross-section and a longitudinal profile with a variation of 0.4 mm for gauges from 1 to 1.5 mm.


The very high dimensional precision generates a longer coil for the same nominal thickness than one coming from a conventional cycle and allow the user to minimize machine settings, raising both production and raw material yields.


Highly flexible production together with the already-mentioned precision characteristics allow the customer to order coils with customized thickness.  Rolling can achieve the exact thickness required by the customer and at the same time maximizes the length of the strip while respecting the tolerances of the product standard.