A Partner to our customers

The high level of technology of the Arinox plants underpins an extremely high quality product and extraordinary flexibility throughout the entire production process. 

Producing precision stainless steel strip is an extremely delicate, complex process where machines and men must give their utmost to guarantee the best possible performance, reflected in a significant competitive advantage for our customers. 

Arinox is the only company in this field that has the ability to manage such a complex process with maximum flexibility. 

Flexibility is a strong point that leads our customers to consider us as their partner in the management of stocks and extraordinary supplies. 

Increasingly fierce competition has become for us a further stimulus that is wholly to the benefit of our end users – 30% in the Italian market and the remaining 70% in the European and international markets. Thousands of users across 4 continents have chosen Arinox as their partner for precision stainless steel strip. 

Our ability to compete successfully in the international market is a further guarantee of the quality of our product and services.



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