Cutting edge technology, market flexibility and a constant search for quality – these are the strong points of Arinox and reflect its international profile in the stainless steel precision strip market. 

Arinox, located in Sestri Levante, is an international market leader and the only Italian producer of precision rolled stainless steel strip for the automotive, precision mechanical and plant engineering industries, components and biomedical and electronic applications. 

The entire workforce is committed to the concepts of QUALITY and FLEXIBILITY, guiding principles that have contributed to the success of Arinox and the Arvedi Group. 

With its cold rolling, bright annealing and innovative SUT® (Surface Ultracleaning Treatment) lines, its tension-levelling line and many precision cutting lines, the Sestri Levante production unit can respond to the most diverse requirements dictated by the constant evolution of international markets, even with customized ideas and solutions.

In 2007 a programme of investments was launched which in the following year saw the start-up of new production plants to table width 1270 mm. 

Investments have been scheduled for the period 2016-2019 for the installation of all the plants necessary for production to width 1570 mm; the 1570-mm rolling mill has been in operation since 2016 and the tension leveller since 2017. 

The particularity of Arinox lies mainly in its production plants, which provide a competitive advantage and are underpinned by our strong points – technology, quality and flexibility.