Arinox, one of the companies of the Arvedi Group, was founded in 1990 for the production and marketing of stainless steel thin and ultrathin rolled strip. It came into being in the industrial area where the Fabbrica Italiana Tubi (FIT) steel works operated until the 1980s. 

With an annual capacity of over 65,000 tonnes and industrial plants using highly advanced technology, the Sestri Levante works is currently the only Italian producer, and the largest at an international level, of precision-rolled stainless steel, titanium and nickel alloy strip for the automotive sector, precision mechanical and plant engineering, components and electronic applications.  It is the only one able to supply precision-rolled strip in widths up to 1570 mm and gauges down to 0.07 mm.  The product range is further reinforced by the many strip finishing options, such as annealing or calibrated strain hardening. 

The stainless steel precision strip sector is a particularly important one due to the high-tech content of the product. 

In 2008 Arinox installed new 1270-mm wide production lines composed of a 20-hi rolling mill, two BA annealing plants, one of which equipped with an in-line levelling plant, cutting and packing lines. A new round of investments for the 1570 mm wide lines started in 2016 with the installation of the unique rolling mill in the world for the production of precision stainless steel strip and ended in 2018 with a bright annealing furnace, a leveler, a slitter with dedicated automatic packing line.

Thanks to a workforce of about 260, working 21 shifts weekly in a continuous cycle, Arinox has achieved a production capacity of over 65,000 tonnes per year and a quality level that meets every market requirement. Arinox currently exports over 80% of its output, mainly to Europe but also to America and the Far and Middle East.