Model 231

Arinox is pleased to announce it has reached an important stage in the development of its organization: the adoption of the Organization, Management and Control Model as per Decree Law 231/2001 (hereafter called Model 231) and a Code of Ethics. 

In order to adapt the control system to the requirements of Decree Law 231/2001, a special project was launched, aimed at creating a risk prevention and management system, drawing on the provisions of Decree Law 231/2001 and on the principles already rooted in our governance culture.  
The project was concluded with the adoption by Arinox of Model 231, approved by the Board of Directors on 17th December 2012, which charged an Advisory Board with the task of verifying its operation. 
This Board is composed of the following people:

  • Mr Andrea Pedroni (Chairma)
  • Mr Stefano Zavattini
  • Mr Stefano Bambo

The Code of Ethics adopted clearly and transparently defines the values as a whole on which we draw and has been drawn up in order to set clear rules of behaviour for conducting our professional operations. In particular, the Code offers each of us a reference for behaviour and ethics for orienting our conduct in responding to the demanding and sometimes difficult decisions we are called on to make.

The  Code of Ethics and the short version of Model 231  are distributed throughout the company and are available in PDF format.

It is important that whoever interacts in any way with our Company views this material to make the principles of Model 231 and the Code of Ethics real and concrete.

Each one of us may and indeed is invited to report behaviour contrary to the principles of Model 231 and the Code of Ethics through the Supervisory Body (, not anonymously, with the full protection of confidentiality.

Trusting in your commitment and with my best regards