All our technology is at your service

Arinox Spa is equipped with cold rolling mills which can produce extremely thin gauge stainless strip to a minimum of 30 microns for the cycle to widths of 650 mm and 70 microns on the 1270-mm and 1570-mm rolling tables, in widths ranging from 2.5 to 1570 mm.

  • 1 slitter per taglio materia prima
  • 1 20-hi cold rolling mill (650 mm)
  • 1 20-hi cold rolling mill (1270 mm)
  • 1 20-hi cold rolling mill (1570 mm)
  • 1 ZHI-type cold rolling mill (650 mm)
  • 2 BA-type heat treatment furnaces in hydrogen atmosphere (650 mm)
  • 1 BA-type heat treatment furnace equipped with in-line tension leveller (1270 mm)
  • 1 BA-type heat treatment furnace (1270 mm) able to anneal titanium and nickel alloys
  • 1 off-line tension leveller (1270 mm)
  • 1 edge preparation line (rounded – trimmed)
  • 1 leveller for cutting to length (sheet - hoops)
  • 1 passivation line (SUT®)
  • 2 automatic packing lines for wide and narrow strip
  • 1 section for ribbon cutting


The technological standards at the Arinox works are the highest currently available. 

All the machines are of modern design and recent installation: no other mill in our sector can boast of such a modern and efficient range of plant. 

Of course, all this translates into a competitive advantage for our customers in terms of quality and flexibility and ensures an industrial development able to comply with the constant developments in the precision strip market. 

The four precision rolling mills form the heart of the works; fully automated they can guarantee extremely close thickness tolerances, ensuring stable and consistent mechanical characteristics throughout the whole strip. 

The production range, extending to a width of 1270 mm, makes the Sestri Levante works extremely competitive and specialised; the plants for a complete production cycle to width 1570 mm will be completed and installed by the end of 2019.  

The range of precision strip finishing is completed and perfected with annealing or calibrated strain hardening, facilitating customers with the freedom to choose, depending on their requirements, from the widest possible mechanical and size ranges.  

The SUT® (Surface Ultracleaning Treatment) line is exclusive to Arinox and ensures unequalled performance on materials intended for the deep drawing market. 

Arinox is equipped with structures downstream and upstream of the production plants able to control and guarantee raw material quality and finished product quality after levelling and cutting. 

The many slitting lines carry out extremely high precision cut-to-length operations with maximum operational flexibility.  
Two fully automated packing lines downstream from the processing cycle complete operations.