Automotive technology as a whole is one of the best expressions of the evolution of mechanical engineering.

Today‚Äôs vehicles, to meet the countless requirements of ever more  demanding drivers, are like pieces of a big jigsaw puzzle.

A modern car must be a combination of attractive design, reliability, comfort, performance, safety, respect for the environment and much more besides. Every piece of the puzzle must meet the most exacting design requirements, which for Arinox means the steels used to produce, for example, cylinder head gaskets, parts for the catalytic converter, the airbag deployment system, rear view mirror movement or parts of the braking system.

Details, perhaps, but crucial ones, which, as in every good puzzle, can make all the difference to the final result.

Arinox is present in the automotive sector with special ultrathin steels used in the manufacture of:

  • Single layer, multilayer and bored cylinder head gaskets;
  • Engine, exhaust gas and exhaust system manifold gaskets;
  • Auxiliary gaskets;
  • Corrugated welded tube for exhaust system;
  • Springs;
  • Injectors;
  • Particulate filters;
  • Airbag equipment;
  • Lighting parts;
  • Braking systems.