SUT® for the electronics and biomedical sector

Arinox  SUT® treatment applied to stainless steel precision strip therefore allows:

  • a significant increase in tool life
  • a significant rise in productivity.


The  SUT® process can be applied to all alloys and the treatment’s effectiveness complements other important requirements characteristic of precision stainless strip production, such as:

  • controlled roughness and total absence of surface defects;
  • high edge quality to reduce friction against running guides.


Arinox operates with production cycles dedicated to various types of product (drawing/stamping, drawn nets, electronics), with final cutting to width according to the different input requirements of the customer's equipment.

Arinox also offers  SUT® technology for the electronics and biomedical sectors, enabling maximum homogeneity of the metallic and chemical characteristics on the stainless steel strip surface.

Arinox supplies high precision strip for these extremely delicate production sectors, particularly suitable for fluid/fluid exchangers, cathodic tubes, telecommunications and electrical contact components for land and undersea cabling.