Heat exchangers

“Heat exchange” is a fundamental physical phenomenon at the basis of some very different industrial and process applications, from heat production and distribution in civil and industrial uses to general refrigeration (evaporators and condensers), to cooling fluids used in industrial processes and domestic heating.

Arinox produces a wide range of stainless steel strip that is especially suitable for the manufacture of:

  • Plate heat exchangers made of corrugated stainless steel plates, braze welded or coupled with gaskets (in this case the plates are mounted on a framework assembled with tie rods).
  • Finned tube heat exchangers. In this case the stainless steel fins are stamped with a special undulation to increase thermal exchange and are then mounted in a spiral along the pipe to contain heat loss.
  • Heat exchange batteries for conditioning and heating. In this case the stainless steel plates that make up the finned pack are stamped and drilled for subsequent welding onto tubes.