Strip work-hardened through cold rolling

Strip work-hardened through cold rolling is processed in various ways depending on the intended application.

These applications usually exploit the high mechanical resistance typical of work-hardened strip.

In order to give the finished product special elasticity characteristics, Arinox over the years has developed its expertise in the design and production of this particular type of strip.

The ability of its technicians who follow this particular type of processing ensures the most suitable choice both of materials and cycles for the production of stainless strip able to meet the requirements for the following products:

  • Formed or blank strip springs, manufactured using automated press-fold machinery, in various shapes and sizes for applications in industrial (instrumentation, automotive) and civil (furniture, windows) sectors with rounded edges to prevent fatigue breaks;
  • Small precision metal parts: sheared parts from work-hardened strip, electrical contacts, vehicle lighting components and fine component parts;
  • Kitchen objects, paperweights, furnishings, equipment parts for industrial plant in the chemical, food and agricultural sectors;
  • Lamellar joints for motor bike transmission, where special torque, speed, off-centring and axial stress characteristics are required;
  • Soles for safety footwear;
  • Tools – trowels, spatulas;
  • Tube clamps.