The hot rolling process and the impurities present in the hydrogen used as a protective gas in the bright annealing furnaces can generate some extremely hard micro-particles on the surface of the precision strip, characterised by high hardness. These may cause problems during the subsequent drawing stages, interfering with the smooth passage of material through the drawer, reducing the average working life of the tools used to work the strip.

Arinox has developed a definitive solution to these problems, producing strip through an exclusive process:


This electrochemical process enables the removal of the top surface layers from the material, producing a totally clean, pollutant-free surface.

SUT® technology is therefore suitable for deep drawing applications, and in any case for all applications requiring low tool wear (drawn net, press studs and general stamping of detail parts for the electronics and mechanical industries).

SUT® treatment applied to precision stainless strip is produced exclusively by Arinox for its customers and allows:

  • a significant increase in tool life;
  • a significant rise in productivity;


The SUT® process can be applied to all alloys and the treatment’s effectiveness is completed with the respect of other important requirements which characterise the production of precision stainless strip for drawing/stamping:

  • Controlled roughness and total absence of surface defects
  • High edge quality to reduce friction against running guides
  • A dedicated production cycle for the various product types (drawn, drawn net, electronics) cut to final width according to input requirements of the customer's machinery.