Arvedi LC® pipe

Arvedi LC® is the Arvedi trademark that identifies the production of gas and water pipe obtained with a hot rolling process. These pipes comply with standard EN 10255 and are used in plumbing and heating systems. They are subsequently hot-dip galvanized caldo in accordance with standard EN 10240 A1.

From experience, sensitivity and attention to new technical and legislative requirements, Arvedi Tubi Acciaio has developed new galvanizing techniques in order to respect the requirements of the Decree of 6th April 2004 no. 174, issued by the Ministry of Health, regarding materials used for the distribution of water destined for human consumption, using zince with a high degree of purity and lead-free.

Alernatively, Arvedi LC® tubes can be supplied as-rolled or polyethylene-coated.

Arvedi LC® pipe can be supplied with the following end-finishes:

  • smooth, square and deburred;
  • threaded with EN 10226-1 threading and with coupling in compliance with standard EN 10241 screwed onto one end;
  • grooved;

Arvedi LC® tube supplies are accompanied by test certificate in accordance with EN10204. Arvedi LC® tubes produced according to EN10255 are CE-certified and covered by performance certifications in accordance with EU directive 305/2011.

Arvedi LC® tubes produced in accordance with EN10255 Media series and hot-dip galvanized according to EN 10240 are DIN-DVGW qualified for application in drinking water systems in Germany (certificate number: HW-1001DM0304).

Arvedi LC® tubes produced in accordance with EN10255 and hot-dip galvanized according to EN 10240 are qualified by the National Institute for Public Health for use in drinking water networks in Poland (certificate number: B.BK.60110.1801.2022).


The range of products for heating systems is completed with the tubes destined for plant engineering:

  • pre-painted tubes
  • AD-PE tubes (conduit)

Pre-painted tubes

The colour of the system’s tubes identifies the fluid being conveyed (red for fire-fighting water, yellow for gas). Arvedi offers EN10255 pre-painted tube which allows faster plant construction and delivery times as it avoids the installer having to paint the tubes on site. Characteristics such as resistance to attack by atmospheric agents, good adherence to bending and resistance to abrasion make these products suitable for various civil and industrial applications.

AD-PE tubes (conduit)

Arvedi LC tubes produced in accordance with standard UNI 7683 are specific for the protection of safety electrical systems of the explosion-proof type (AD-PE). Arvedi LC AD-PE tubes allow the construction of installations in accordance with the provisions of current legislation (law no.186 of 1/03/1986 CEI 64-2 fasc. No. 319 UNI 7683). Arvedi LC AD-PE tubes are produced using Fe360 steel, galvanized in accordance with EN 10240, and are supplied in standard lengths of 6 metres with conical threaded ends (UNI 6125), with AD UNI 7684 die-stamped socket threaded onto one end, while the other end is protected with a plastic cap.

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