Hot-finished structural tubes


The perfection of cold-formed products with all the benefits of hot finished ones

Hot-finished round, square and rectangular hollow sections for structural applications are produced by Arvedi Tubi Acciaio in European metric formats in accordance with standards EN 10210-1/2.

Arvedi hot-finished structural hollow sections, to the special characteristics of the cold-formed welded sections such as:

  • geometric and dimensional precision, control and uniformity
  • absence of eccentricity
  • close tolerances on wall thickness
  • precision of corner radius
  • excellent surface finish, both in terms of absolute roughness and surface scale
  • in line with the prescriptions of standard EN 10163-3 class D, sub-class 3

can be added all the benefits of hot finished tube and sections, such as:

  • homogeneity of the technical characteristics: processability, weldability, ductility, plasticity and bendability
  • absence of tension in the hollow section edge areas and the welding zone
  • suitable for edge welding over the whole

Arvedi size range, exceeding the limits defined in Eurocode 3 (also for wall thicknesses >12.5 mm) Arvedi hot-finished tubes and hollow sections:

  • optimal for application in the construction of steel structures in seismic areas as they fully satisfy the prescriptions of the Ministerial Decree relative to construction products (point;
  • thanks to the wide plastic range they have a large capacity to absorb energy, a characteristic which makes them ideal for constructions, structures, installations and machinery subject to sudden, repeated loads, fatigue and vibrations;
  • are ideal for bending and generally present a high degree of workability

Moreover, Arvedi hot-finished tubes and hollow sections, compared to those of the best competition, also add:

  • control of the position of the internal welding bead, always in the centre of the larger side,
  • (optional) removal of the internal welding bead,
  • The same thickness on the sides and corners of the hollow section;
  • Absence of eccentricity both in the hollow section and along the tube;
  • Uniform thickness and weight along the whole length of each tube or square/rectangular hollow section
  • Customized sizes and lengths

The range of Leonardo hollow sections can be made in the following steel grades: 

  • base structural steels, non-alloyed: S235JR - S275J2H – S355J2H
  • fine grain structural steels: S275NH – S355NH - S460NH (and NLH)
  • steels with improved resistance to atmospheric corrosion: S235J0W – S355J0W – S355J0WP

Arvedi Leonardo tubes and hollow sections are supplied with test certificate in accordance with EN10204. Moreover, hollow sections and steels included in standards EN 10210-1/2 are CE-certified and covered by performance certificate in accordance with directive UE 305/2011.

Arvedi Tubi Acciaio is CE-certified for construction products: EN10210: licence no. CE 1608 CPR P063.

Hot finished metric square and rectagular hollow sections