GSM mechanical tubes

The characteristics of homogeneousness and processability of Arvedi LC® tubes are enhanced in the heavy wall tubes (GSM®) where the ratio between wall thickness and diameter is pushed to over 30%.

TThe Arvedi production process is particular: the strip is continuously formed and high-frequency induction-welded generating a “mother shell” which is heated in an induction furnace and rolled on a stretch-reducing mill.

The Arvedi process combines several particular factors: the mother shell is not obtained by “drilling a billet” as in seamless tubes, but by welding a strip with limited thickness variations; the stretch-reducing mill used for hot rolling has individually motorised stands. The tubes produced in this way have superior geometric characteristics, negligible eccentricity and low internal poligonality.

Arvedi GSM® tube is characterized by its specific metallurgical and crystalline properties as it is obtained from a production cycle which provides “double” hot rolling, first of the strip and then of the tube; hot rolling which orients the steel fibres through the effect of stretching.

The high degree of workability, appreciated by users of Arvedi GSM® tubes, is the result of the hot reduction process, which besides supplying a tube in the normalized state, guarantees complete homogeneity of the material’s mechanical and physical characteristics, making the tube excellent for cold and hot processing.

Arvedi GSM® tube basically meets standard EN10210, but the particular technology of the Arvedi plant allows a fully “made-to-measure” product to be supplied. Arvedi GSM® tube made to customer specifications can be customized for all characteristics (diameter, wall thickness, length and tolerances).  

Arvedi GSM® tube is produced both in the steel grades provided by standard EN10210 and in special steel grades for the whole production range. Synergy with Acciaieria Arvedi allows products to be developed with dedicated steels. The production line from the steel to the finished tube responds to be most varied requirements with customized ideas and solutions.

Arvedi GSM® tubes, including those with small diameter and heavy wall thickness, are offered with a smooth internal surface without residual welding bead since this is removed internally from the “mother shell” before hot rolling. Hot rolling also allows the wall thickness to be increased with respect to the “mother shell”. Arvedi GSM® tube is therefore suitable for cold drawing and for all mechanical engineering processes which require a good internal tube surface.

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