Quality management

Arvedi Tubi Acciaio’s Quality Management System was one of the first in the Italian steelmaking sector to be certified (in 1987) and has been constantly updated and aligned with the new reference standards and customer prescriptions.

Arvedi Tubi Acciaio’s processes are developed applying risk-base thinking methodology and continuous improvements aimed at achieving maximum system efficiency, guaranteeing the supply to our customers of the best product quality.

Arvedi Tubi Acciaio’s experience and history are the basis for this virtuous development; while new customers appreciate the professional approach of Arvedi technicians, long-term customers recognize the solidity of the company. What we supply is not just the steel tube, but also the technical know-how acquired and developed over time.

For Arvedi Tubi Acciaio man remains at the centre of company attention and experience and professionalism are passed on to our workforce through internal and external training courses. The aim is to constantly raise our technical and cultural level.

A multi-functional working group has developed manufacturing processes and keeps them constantly updated following the best technological developments. Machinery is integrated with sensors, measuring equipment and an IT factory system able to monitor, control and check production process performance and the characteristics of the products made.

Supported by the factory IT system, tracking and controls cover all the processing phases, from receiving the raw materials to the final phase of finished product storage and shipping.

Operators have all the necessary production information in real time; the IT system helps prevent deviations from standards as regards plant performances and product characteristics.

 The IT system, which covers the whole works, collects and stores measurements and recordings and makes data available for immediate checks and inspections; moreover, the constantly up-dated historical data bank allows analyses to be carried out in order to improve the products supplied and the development of new products.