Company policy

Arvedi Tubi Acciaio manufactures its products on the basis of a constant process of technological development, the lifeblood of progress.

As a manufacturer of steel tubes, thanks to synergy with Acciaieria Arvedi as regards the raw material used, Arvedi Tubi Acciaio is an example of a company which, following the Europe 2020 strategy guidelines for sustainable growth, promotes a model of circular economy where products maintain their added value for as long as possible without introducing new waste.

Arvedi Tubi Acciaio’s steel is never consumed, but processed into tubular products and waste from the manufacturing process is re-introduced into Acciaieria Arvedi’s cycle for the production of new steel. This process is a concrete example of “permanent material” at the base of the circular economy. Arvedi Tubi Acciaio, with its aim of environmentally sustainable production of quality steel tubes which meet specific customer requirements, searches for and adopts innovative technological and management solutions aimed at protecting health and safety, improving product/process performance, safeguarding the environment and reducing pollution and energy consumption involving plants, machinery and work equipment.

To achieve its objectives, Arvedi Tubi Acciaio avails itself of highly competent staff who share a culture of excellence and offer intelligent solutions and complete support throughout the project, from the definition of specifications to after-sales assistance.

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