History and profile


ILTA (Industria lavorazione tubi acciaio) was founded by Giovanni Arvedi in 1963 in Robecco d’Oglio. Its first site was in Via Solferino, in a former factory. Two years later it moved to a new site alongside the SS 45 bis road. Carbon tube production rose steadily and in 1968 a galvanizing plant was installed and the building used as for tube storage was extended.

Stainless steel tube production began in 1970 and soon took the company, based in Robecco d’Oglio, to become a leading manufacturer in Italy and Europe in the stainless steel welded tube sector. The company name was changed to Ilta Inox.

The first 8-kW Laser welding plant was installed in 1998. There are now 22 laser plants in operation and include the new welding line for tubes with a diameter of up to 711.2 mm and wall thickness 8 mm, the only one of its kind anywhere in the world.

Technological evolution in the laser welding field and increased product finishing and heat treatment capacity, together with the training and experience of our technicians and staff,  are key factors to the success of the Arvedi Group’s oldest company.

Ilta Inox - profile

Ilta Inox is one of Europe’s leading companies in the stainless steel welded tube sector where it has successfully operated for more than fifty years.

It has acquired a solid market position and places its products mainly in the highly qualified sectors of thermal applications, the chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries.

Its many profiling lines, fitted with the most efficient laser technology, modern heat treatment plants and various finishing lines, allow Ilta Inox to meet the strictest demands of different industrial sectors thanks to high quality products certified by the most important international testing authorities.