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HIGH TECHNOLOGY & EXPERIENCE Advanced technology, experience consolidated over the years, the constant search for quality, flexibility and customer service, are the strong points of Arvedi Tubi Acciaio S.p.A, a leader in welded tube for special applications. With a production capacity of over 600,000 tpy, the Cremona-based company holds a considerable share of the market in the automotive, mechanical applications, heat transfer and pressure equipment, piping, industrial and civil constructions. Its stretch-reducing mill and HFI welding lines, fitted with the most advanced automation technology, allow customer to be offered a vast range of products that can meet the strictest requirements and standards. ATA’s production range meets the requirements of three basic areas of application, namely special, energy and civil engineering and includes round tube and pipe in diameters from 17.2 to 355.6 mm. Square hollow section from 100x100 to 300x300 mm and rectangular hollow section from 120x80 to 400x200 mm in a range of wall thicknesses from 1,2 to 16 mm.

Starting with black and galvanised gas and water pipe production with the trademark Arvedi LC (hot rolled), in the course of two years it was able to propose a new product, GSM, heavy wall hot reduced tube for specialist applications. The excellent degree of workability, appreciated by users of Arvedi LC® and GSM® tube, is the result of a controlled hot reduction process which, besides supplying the tube in the normalized state, guarantees complete homogeneity of the material’s mechanical and physical characteristics. The SRM produces the whole range of tubes in diameters from 17,2 to 88,9 mm in wall thicknesses from 1,8 to 12,5 mm. The SRM produces the whole range of tubes in diameters from 17,2 to 88,9 mm in wall thicknesses from 1,8 to 12,5 mm. HOT STRETCH REDUCED Arvedi hot rolled tubes (Arvedi LC® and GSM®) are produced on the hot stretch-reducing mill, a unique plant that allows to obtain small and medium diameter tubes with the internal bead removed. The plant dates back to 1973 when the stretch reducing mill (SRM) was installed downstream from a high frequency welding line (HFI), an absolute innovation in Europe. Welding Relations

The characteristics of homogeneity and workability of Arvedi hot stretch reduced tubes are enhanced in the heavy wall mechanical tubes (GSM®) where the ratio between wall thickness and diameter is pushed to ratios of over 30%. GSM tube presents a smooth internal surface without the welding bead, even for small diameter and heavy wall products, as it is rolled from a large diameter welded tube from which the bead has been removed. GSM is therefore suitable for cold drawing and for all mechanical processing’s which require a good internal tube surface. The peculiarity of Arvedi process is due to the rolling of HFI welded mother shell on stretch reducing mill. The Arvedi mother shell is not obtained from billet “piercing” (as for seamless process). In addition, the Arvedi mother shell starts from a strip with limited thickness variations. All these peculiarities guarantee superior geometrical characteristics, negligible and limited internal polygonality of tubes produced. Synergy with Acciaieria Arvedi allows it to develop new products made with special steels and aimed at specific projects. The production line from the steel to the finished and pre-processed tube responds with ideas and solutions, even personalised ones, to the most varied demands. ARVEDI LC®/GSM vs SEAMLESS ARVEDI GSM® TUBES ECCENTRIC SEAMLESS CONCENTRIC ARVEDI LC/GSM eccentricity absent or negligible both in the cross section and along the tube length 5

ROUND TUBES MANUFACTURING PROGRAMME Tubes and pipes mm 1,2 1,5 2,0 2,5 3,0 3,5 4,0 4,5 5,0 5,5 6,0 6,5 7,0 8,0 9,0 17,2 19,0-20,0-21,3 25,4 26,4-26,9-28,0 30,0-30,8-32,0 33,7 35,5 38,0-40,0 42,0-42,4 44,5-45,0 48,0-48,3 50,0-50,8-51,0 54,0-56,0-57,0 60,0-60,3 63,5-65,0 70,0-72,0-73,0 76,1 80,0-82,5 88,9-90,0 100-101,6 108,0 114,3-115 127,0 133,0 139,7 152,4 159,0 168,3 177,8 193,7 219,1 244,0 273,0 323,9 355,6 HOT STRETCH REDUCED HOT STRETCH REDUCED + WELDED (COLD FORMED AS WELD / SEAM ANNEALED / HOT FINISHED) WELDED (COLD FORMED AS WELD / SEAM ANNEALED / HOT FINISHED) Welding Relations

9,5 10,0 11,0 12,5 15,0 16,0 standard application description EN 10296-1 mechanical and engineering Welded steel tubes for mechanical and general engineering purposes EN 10210-1/2/3 structural and general Hot finished structural hollow sections HOT STRETCH REDUCED standard application description EN 10296-1 mechanical hot finished Welded steel tubes for mechanical and general engineering purposes EN 10210-1/2/3 Structural hot finished Hot finished structural hollow sections EN 10225-1/3 Offshore hot finished Weldable structural steels for fixed offshore structures - hot finished hollow sections HOT-FINISHED STRUCTURAL standard application description EN 10305-3 Precision applications Steel Tubes for precision applications - Welded cold sized tubes EN 10296 mechanical and engineering Welded steel tubes for mechanical and general engineering purposes PRECISION TUBES standard application description EN 10219-1/2/3 Structural cold finished Cold formed welded structural hollow sections EN 10305-5 Precision applications Steel Tubes for precision applications - Welded cold sized square and rectangular tubes EN 39 Scaffolding Loose steel tubes for tube and coupler scaffolds EN 12899 Structural cold finished Fixed, vertical road traffic signs - Welded tubes for road signes ASTM A500 Structural cold finished Cold-Formed Welded (and Seamless) Carbon Steel Structural Tubing in round and shapes ASTM A252 Structural cold finished Welded (and Seamless) steel pipe piles COLD-FINISHED STRUCTURAL standard application description EN 10217-1 Pressure equipment Welded steel tubes for pressure purposes with specified room temperature properies EN 10217-2 Pressure equipment Welded steel tubes for pressure purposes with specified elevated temperature properies EN 10217-3 Pressure equipment Welded steel tubes for pressure purposes with specified room, elevated and low temperature properies EN 10217-4 Pressure equipment Welded steel tubes for pressure purposes with specified low temperature properies ASTM A178 Boiler and supeheater flues Electric-Resistance-Welded carbon steel and carbonmanganese steel boiler and superheater tubes ASTM A214 Heat exchanger Electric-Resistance-Welded carbon steel heat-exchanger and condenser tubes EN 10255 Gas and water conveiance Non-alloy steel tubes suitable for welding and threading UNI 7683 Conduit Welded tubes cable conduits ASTM A53 Line pipe Pipe, Steel, Black and Hot-Dipped, Zinc-Coated, Welded (and seamless) EN ISO 3183 Line pipe Petroleum and natural gas industries - Line pipe API 5L Pipe Line Petroleum and natural gas industries - Line pipe EN 10224 H2O Line pipe Non-alloy steel tubes and fittings for the conveyance of aqueous liquids including water for human consumption EN 253 District heating District heating pipes ISO 11960 OCTG Tubes for petroleum applications - casing and tubing API 5CT OCTG Tubes for petroleum applications - casing and tubing ENERGY & POWER 7

Arvedi structural hollow sections are supplied in commercial or customized lengths, (with the option of removal of the internal bead), with plain ends, in the following steel grades: and other steel grades with high mechanical characteristics and / or to customer specifications. For the steel grades included in the standard EN10219-1 supplies are certified and are accompanied by EN10204 3.1 certificate and declaration of performance (in accordance with Regulation EU 305/2011). Arvedi Tubi Acciaio is certified for construction products: EN 10219-1 license no. CE 1608 CPR P064. SQUARE 4,0 4,5 5,0 6,0 8,0 10,0 12,5 14,2 16,0 RECTANGULAR 100x100 120x80 110x110 140x80 150x100 120x120 160x80 160x90 140x140 180x100 200x80 150x150 200x100 160x160 200x120 200x150 250x100 180x180 200x200 250x150 250x200 220x220 260x180 300x100 300x150 250x250 300x200 300x300 400x200 HOLLOW SECTION SQUARE & RECTANGULAR TUBES metric sizes (mm) Arvedi cold-formed round, square and rectangular structural hollow sections are high frequency inductionwelded, made in European formats provided by standard EN10219-1/2/3 or according to the customer’s drawings or specifications. non-alloy structural steel grades S235JR S275J2H S355J2H fine grain S275NH S355NH S460NH (and NLH) fine grain (HSLA): S355MH S420MH S460MH (and MLH) ultra high strength (UHSS): S500MC S700MC Welding Relations

Arvedi structural imperial size tubings are supplied in commercial or customized lengths, (with the option of removal of the internal bead) with plain ends in the following steel grades: and other steel grades with specific mechanical characteristics and / or to customer specifications. Tubing supplied are accompanied by a Certificate of Compliance or a Test Report (Material Certificate) as specified in the purchase order. SQUARE 0,18 0,188 0,25 0,313 0,375 0,5 0,625 RECTANGULAR 4" x 4" 5" x 3" 4 1/2" x 4 1/2" 5" x 4" 6" x 3" 5" x 5" 6" x 4" 5 1/2" x 5 1/2" 6" x 5" 7" x 3" 7" x 4" 6" x 6" 7" x 5" 8" x 3" 8" x 4" 7" x 7" 8" x 6" 9 1/2" x 4" 10" x 3" 10" x 4" 8" x 8" 10" x 6" 10" x 8" 12" x 4" 12" x 6" 10" x 10" 12" x 8" 12" x 12" 16" x 8" HOLLOW SECTION SQUARE & RECTANGULAR TUBES imperial sizes (inches) Arvedi round, square and rectangular structural tubings are cold-formed high frequency induction-welded tubings and made in pound-inch formats (imperial sizes) in conformance with standard ASTM A500 or according to the customer’s drawings or specifications. standard: Gr. B - Gr.C high strength low alloy (HSLA): 50.000 psi & 60.000 psi minimum yield strength ultra high strength (UHSS): 70.000 psi & 100.000 psi minimum yield strength 9

Arvedi LEONARDO hot finished structural hollow sections are HFI welded tubes made in accordance with standard EN10210-1/2/3 as well as the special features of cold-formed welded tubes, such as: precision, control and uniformity of geometry and dimensions, • absence of eccentricity, • close tolerances on wall thickness, • precision on the corner radius, • excellent surface finishing, both in terms of absolute roughness and surface scale (in line with the prescriptions of standard EN 10163-3 class D, subclass 3), • customizable seizes and lengths. CERTIFIED STEEL For the steel grades included in the standard EN10210-1 Arvedi LEONARDO Hot Finished Hollow Sections supplies are CE certified and are accompanied by EN10204 3.1 certificate and declaration of performance (in accordance with Regulation EU 305/2011). Arvedi LEONARDO Hot Finished Hollow Sections is CE certified for construction products: EN 10210 license no. CE 1608 CPR P063. Arvedi LEONARDO have all the benefits of hot finished tubes, such as: • homogeneity of the technical characteristics: workability, weldability, ductility, plasticity and bendability, • absence of residual stresses in the section corner areas and the tube welding area, • suitability for weld on the corner over the whole Arvedi size range, overcoming the limits defined in Eurocode 3 (also for wall thicknesses> 12.5 mm); are optimal for use in building steel structures in seismic areas thanks to the extensive plastic field they have a large capacity to absorb energy, a characteristics with makes them ideal for the constructions, structures, and machinery subject to sudden loads, repeated loads, fatigue and vibrations are ideal for curving and bending and generally have a high workability Arvedi LEONARDO, thanks to the type of full body normalizing heat treatment: HOT FINISHED Welding Relations

The perfection of cold formed with all the benefits of hot finished 11 SECTION SHAPE: zero eccentricity, • uniform wall thickness and weight along the whole length of the single tube or hollow section and no differences between one and another WELDING ASPECT: welding and heat affected zone completely transformed; • (optionally) inner seam can be removed upon request, • control of the position of the internal welding seam, always at the center of the larger side SURFACE: better surface aspect and finishing, • scale-free, • low roughness. CORNER RADII: precise and tight corner profile, • external radius < 2 x T (stricter than the standard requirement: radius ≤3xT). • same thickness on the side and corner of the section; • no residual stress, same structure, same hardness as the base material

Starting from steel strips, produced by Acciaieria Arvedi, which guarantee constant mechanical characteristics and close wall thickness tolerances, ATA produces high frequency induction welded (HFI) precision tubes in conformance with standard EN 10305-3 and in accordance with customer specifications. These tubes, which have the most stringent prescriptions on dimensional tolerances are often processed with deep deformations and the obtained finished products are then frequently subjected to occasional loads or continuous fatigue stress. Industrial parts, machinery such as rolls, moving structures and crane parts are examples of their applications. ARVEDI Mother shell for cold drawing represent ATA’s core business where it is the leading European company and the only independent supplier of these products. These tubes can be produced as hot stretch-reduced or welded from black or pickled stripe, to standard EN10305-3, EN10210, EN 10296 or to customer specification; they are made in a wide range of steel grades and in the full size range of diameters from 17 to 355,6 mm and wall thicknesses from 1.5 to 16 mm. ARVEDI mother shell are suitable for cold drawing to obtain tubes with close tolerances and low roughness used in particular in the automotive sector and hydraulic and pneumatic industry. PRECISION TUBES APPLICATIONS WELDED PRECISION TUBES MOTHER SHELL FOR COLD DRAWING Welding Relations

The high frequency induction welded (HFI) precision tubes produced by ATA in accordance with EN 10305-3 and / or in accordance with customer specifications are used in the car and truck components sector. Arvedi Tubi Acciaio is an appreciated supplier of the leading car manufacturers and their subcontractors. The quality management system at Arvedi Tubi Acciaio in Cremona is certified IATF 16949. Thanks to a team composed of engineers and experts in the sector, it supports customers in the various project phases, from the choice of steel to the development of the product down to the launch of the finished series, guaranteeing efficient after-sales assistance. Synergy between Acciaieria Arvedi and ATA leads to the development of specific steel grades dedicated to individual projects. Once they are series, these grades are produced with innovative ISP and ESP processes with controlled thickness, mechanical and physical characteristics, properties appreciated by car manufactures which become constancy and uniformity of behavior under processing and then in performances on the vehicle. Subsequent processing carried by the customers includes bending, hydroforming, cold and hot forming and mechanical processing for making small and large series of automotive parts such as axles, camshafts, stabilizing bars, chassis parts, engine and bodywork supports and reinforcements and safety parts. Integration upstream with Acciaieria Arvedi guarantees short supply times of the raw material and considerable production flexibility. Integration downstream with Metalfer Spa and Metalfer Automotive offers the end customers the possibility of receiving the cut-to-size tube on a just-in-time basis. ARVEDI AUTOMOTIVE TUBES PRECISION TUBES APPLICATIONS 13

Arvedi tubes for pressure applications are high frequency welded (HFI) products in alloy and non al-alloy carbon steels. The excellent final characteristics are achieved using raw materials of constant and uniform quality from Arvedi Acciaieria ATA’s special production equipment which allows close dimensional tolerances to be respected. The results are better workability and repeatability in the welding, rolling expansion and curving phases. These tubes are mainly used ijn industrial and domestic boilers, high and low temperatures heat exchangers and in applications for the conveyance of pressurized fluids in the chemical and petrochemical industry. The tubes for pressure applications can be supplied in lengths up to 15 meters and in the following states: On request, in the order phase, it can be agreed to supply the tubes by completing the product documentation with PED (pressure equipment directive) certification in conformance with the requirements of PED 2014/68/EU or the certification AD 2000 W4/TRD 102. ENERGY AND POWER APPLICATIONS BOILER TUBES AND HEAT EXCHANGERS The reference standards are: welded and calibrated normalized in a controlled atmosphere seam annealed hot rolled EN 10217-1 for uses at ambient temperature EN 10217-2 for uses at high temperatures EN 10217-3 for fine grain alloyed tubes ASTM A214 electrically welded carbon steel heat exchangers and condensers EN 10217-4 for uses at low temperatures ASTM A178 electrically welded carbon steel tubes for boilers and heat exchangers Welding Relations

Arvedi produces and supplies tubes for district heating in line with the previsions of standard EN253 and stringent customer specifications. ARVEDI tubes for district heating are welded tubes produced in accordance with the series of standards EN10217 and can be supplied seam annealed or full body normalized, they are made in steel grades provided by the standards or in special steel grades, in accordance with customer specifications and ensure use in extreme conditions; depending on the application requirements the ARVEDI tubes can be supplied in lengths ranging from 6 to 16 meters. As completation of product documentation Arvedi Tubi Acciaio can provide PED (pressure equipment directive) certification in compliance with the requirements of European Directive PED 2014/68/EU. Arvedi Tubi Acciaio uses high quality carbon steels characterized by excellent physical and mechanical properties. The repeatability of these characteristics allows tubes to be obtained that are highly weldable and workable in the installation phase. The water pipes are produced with (HF) longitudinal welding from hot rolled strip, comply with the prescriptions of standard EN 10224 and can be coated externally with polyethylene and lined internally with epoxy varnish. Arvedi water pipes are made and supplied in compliance with standard EN10244 and CE certified and are accompanied by a declaration of performance (as per regulation EU 305/2011). DISTRICT HEATING WATER PIPE ENERGY AND POWER APPLICATIONS 15

Arvedi LC® is the Arvedi trademark that identifies the production of tubes and pipes for the plumbing and heating sector obtained with a hot rolling process. These tubes and pipes, in compliance with standard EN 10255, are used for plumbing and heating equipments. After the production process these tubes and pipes can be hot-dip galvanized EN 10240 using lead-free zinc with a high degree of purity. Arvedi LC® tubes can be supplied with the following end finishing: Arvedi EN10255 galvanized tubes are approved for drink water consumption DIN-DVGW reg.num. NW-7101AT2461 and optionally are marked and certified accordingly this spec. plain end, square cut or beveled external taper threads (EN 10226-1) without or with socket grooved: suitable for using “Vitaulic”-type screwed couplings GAS & WATER ARVEDI LC® TUBES Welding Relations

GAS & WATER PIPING & SERVICES Arvedi Arco® is the Arvedi trademark that identifies the prepainted pipes. Tubes are produced in accordance with standard EN 10255/10208-1/10217-1. The colour identifies the fluid being conveyed. Arvedi offers prepainted tube which allows faster plant construction and delivery times as it avoids the installer having to paint the tubes on site. Characteristics such as resistance to attack by atmospheric agents, good adherence to bending and resistance to abrasion make these products suitable for various civil and industrial applications. The range of pipes for plumbing and heating systems is completed with tubes destinated to industrial piping and services. Arvedi LC® conduits are produced in accordance with standard UNI 7683. Arvedi LC® AD-PE are specifically destinated to the conduit system for electrical installations of the explosion-proof type. Arvedi LC® AD-PE tubes allow the construction of installations in accordance with the provisions of current legislation. Arvedi LC® AD-PE conduits are bendable, without sharp edges, burrs or surface projections that can damage insulated conductors or cables. Arvedi LC® AD-PE steel pipes, galvanized in accordance with EN 10240, are supplied in standard lengths of 6 metres with threaded ends (UNI 6125), with AD UNI 7684 socket onto one end, while the other end is protected with a plastic cap. ARVEDI ARCO® PREPAINTED PIPE ARVEDI CONDUIT 17

OCTG tubes are used in wells and oil & gas production plants; these tubes are produced and supplied in compliance with standards API5CT and ISO11960. ATA produces OCTG tubes using high frequency induction welding (HFW) without the addition of filler metals. Following welding: • diameters up to 3’’; are rolled in a hot stretch-reducing mill; • diameters over 3 ½’’; are normalized along the weld area or full body normalized. Arvedi tubes are produced in the following Group 1 steel grades: • H40 / K55 / J55 / N80 A particular steel grade is also available: “J55 upgradable”; developed in collaboration with Acciaieria Arvedi, suitable for upgrading to steel grades N80, L80 and P110. Production range of API 5CT: OCTG CASING AND TUBING ENERGY AND POWER APPLICATIONS LABEL diameter OD Wall thickness Weight Inch mm Inch mm Ib/ft Kg/m 1.050 1.050 26.7 0.113 2.87 1.14 1.70 0.154 3.91 1.48 2.20 1.315 1.315 33.4 0.133 3.38 1.70 2.53 0.179 4.55 2.19 3.26 1.660 1.660 42,4 0.125 3.18 2.09 3.26 0.140 3.56 2.27 3.39 0.191 4.85 3.03 4.51 1.900 1.900 48.3 0.125 3.18 2.40 3.53 0.145 3.68 2.72 4.05 0.200 5.08 3.65 5.43 2.063 2.063 52.4 0.156 3.96 3.24 4.70 0.225 5.92 4.50 6.74 2 3/8 2.375 60.3 0.167 4.24 4.00 5.95 0.190 4.83 4.60 6.85 0.254 6.45 5.80 8.63 2 7/8 2.875 73 0.217 5.51 6.40 9.52 0.276 7.01 7.80 11.61 3 1/2 3.500 88.9 0.216 5.49 7.70 11.46 0.254 6.45 9.20 13.69 0.289 7.34 10.20 15.18 4 4.000 101.6 0.226 5.74 9.50 14.14 0.262 6.65 10.70 16.36 4 1/2 4.500 114.3 0.271 6.88 12.60 18.75 ARVEDI line pipes are tubes destined for conveying pressurized fluids and are typically used in the civil and industrial oil & gas sectors. These pipes are supplied both bare and coated in polyethylene and are produced and supplied in accordance with standard API5L and ISO3183. LINE PIPE Welding Relations

Arvedi Tubi Acciaio is the European leader in the production of hot rolled tubes for the manufacture of self-drilling anchor systems, used for tunnelling, mining consolidation, for steep slopes and landslides stabilising. The standard steel grades are S355J2H, S355NH, S355 mod, S460NH, 28MN6, 34MNB5, 38MNB5. In collaboration with its customers’ technical offices ATA studies and develops suitably customised and optimised steel grades and specific sizes in order to increase the workability of the anchors and obtain the best performances on site and in operation. Micropiling is produced in compliance with standard EN 10219 or EN 10296 in commercial length bars, with the internal bead removed and with smooth ends in the following steel grades: For the steel grades included in the standard EN10210-1 and EN10219-1 supplies are CE certified and are accompanied by EN10204 certificate and declaration of performance (in accordance with Regulation EU 305/2011). These special profiles are produced according to customer requirements or according to ATA specification and can be supplied as weld based on tailored chemical analysis or full body normalized. GEOTECHNICAL SYSTEMS APPLICATIONS TUBES FOR CONSOLIDATION MICROPILING EXPANDABLE ROCK BOLTING SYSTEM BASIC STEELS S235 S275 S355J2 ULTRA-HIGH STRENGTH S500MC S700MC HIGH STRENGTH S420MH S460MH OTHER STEEL grades with high mechanical characteristics: N80 19

Certifications Date first issued Issue by Quality ISO 9001 26/01/1987 IGQ IATF 16 949 20/11/2001 IGQ Environment ISO 14001 12/05/2005 IGQ Health & Safety ISO 45001 31/12/2009 IGQ Energy ISO 50001 03/09/2014 IGQ PRODUCT CERTIFICATIONS IATF 16949 5CT - 0392 5L - 0293 PED 2014/68/EU DRG-0036-QS-W 54/2002/MUC-001 AMMM00001HV NW-7101AT2461 1608 CPR P063 EN10210 1608 CPR P064 EN10219 1608 CPR P129 EN12899 EN10224 EN10255 SYSTEM CERTIFICATIONS APPLICATIONS S-P-06004 Welding Relations

Arvedi Tubi Acciaio’s commitment to the environment is proven by its constant monitoring of emissions and strict compliance with local, regional and national standards and legal requirements. In 2005 it was among the first Italian companies to obtain ISO 14001 certification and in 2022 it confirmed its carbon footprint awareness certification with its Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) relative to structural hollow sections. It is certified according to ISO 45001, a management system which involves the ownership, management and all employees in a programme of continuous improvement to ensure worker health and safety. Thanks to ISO 9001 certification relative to the production of tubes for special applications and IATF 16949 certification for automotive products together with a spirit of innovation aimed at improving production process performances, Arvedi Tubi Acciaio works to strengthen customer relations and constantly improve customer satisfaction with products and performances. An important step in its development was the adoption of the Organisation, Management and Control Models in accordance with Italian Decree Law 231/01 and the definition of a Code of Ethics which clearly define the overall values which inspire Arvedi Tubi Acciaio and set out clear rules of behaviour for its professional activities. ENVIRONMENT A CERTIFIED PASSION To further reduce its impact on the environment, particular attention is paid to energy saving with the implementation of an energy management system, certified in compliance with ISO 50001, aimed at constantly improving energy efficiency. 21

Finarvedi is the holding company of the Arvedi Group, the core business of which is composed of steelmaking activities with annual volumes of The present brochure is for general information only. Arvedi Tubi Acciaio declines all and any liability for any losses, damages or accidents deriving from the use of the information provided in the publication. The information included in the present publication is subject to variation or modification without notice. For more detailed information we recommend contacting a representative of Arvedi Tubi Acciaio or visiting the website All rights reserved. over 5 million tonnes of products characterised by high quality and destined for the most demanding markets. integrated into the Cremona supply chain and equipped with a metallurgical complex for cold rolling special steels of high added value manufacturer of welded carbon steel tubes manufacturer of cold drawn welded carbon steel tubes manufacturer of welded and cold drawn carbon steel tubes manufacturer and distributor of stainless steel coils and tubes and special carbon steel forged products operating in the stainless steel welded tube sector manufacturer of re-rolled stainless steel precision strip Carbon steel Stainless steel Welding Relations

GREEN MAKES DIFFERENCE 100% steel from an innovative process cold formed hot finis

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