Type of certification ISO 9001: 2015 TÜV AD 2000 W2/W10 TÜV PED 2014/68/EU ANNEX1. parag. 4.3 Date of first issue 25/03/1994 11/04/1979 NOV. 2002 Agency DNV TÜV TÜV Type of approval DIN-DVGW (since 1999) RINA (since 1979) Lloyds Register (since 2002) TÜV directive for Pressure vessels TÜV AD 2000 W2/W10 (since 1979) Application field Welded stainless steel tubes for gas and drinking water transportation Tubes for naval use Tubes for naval use Tubes for pressure vessels Tubes for pressure vessels and boilers; cryogenic equipment Industrie Service Quality - Environment - Safety: have always been our guiding concepts Ilta Inox SpA has been certified according to the ISO 9002: 1994 protocol since 1994 and the ISO 9001: 2000 protocol since 2000. These protocols and procedures see us committed daily to keeping updated and at the same time developing the quality management system as a whole. The constant evolution and attention to the needs of our customers has stimulated us in achieving important milestones including the issue of the European certification PED 2014/68 / EU Annex 1, paragraph 4.3. The satisfaction of our trading partners, through the continuous improvement of production processes and product quality, together with the particular attention and efficiency in the delivery service, as well as representing the real strengths for Ilta Inox are to be considered the real strategic objectives of this company. The certifications, approvals and licenses issued for specific types of products have been guaranteed by the most important and leading international organizations. The certifications ISO 14001:2018 and ISO 45001:2018 have long confirmed our care to the environment and safety of our workers as specific values and principles that are essential to us. The respect of our environment it is a priority for Ilta inox. The certification ISO 50001:2018 relevant to the energy management system in our tube production is complemented by the latest Carbon Footprint CFP certification according to ISO 14067:2018.