CARBON NEUTRAL STEEL Arvzero originates from our values and our technology

RINA Services S.p.A. Via Corsica, 12 16128 Genova ITALY attesta che/declares that ACCIAIERIA ARVEDI S.P.A. VIA ACQUAVIVA N. 18 26100 CREMONA CR ITALIA per i seguenti siti/for the following sites VIA ACQUAVIVA N. 18 26100 CREMONA CR ITALIA VIA DI SERVOLA, 1, 34145 TRIESTE TS ITALIA è conforme ai requisiti del documento normativo complies with the requirements of the normative document “PROCEDURA COIL NZE SCOPO 1-2” Rev.5.0 relativa al prodotto/related to product COIL/COIL La validità del presente certificato è subordinata a sorveglianza periodica e al riesame completo del sistema con periodicità triennale. The validity of this certificate is subject to periodic surveillance and to a complete review of the system every three years. Nel rapporto RINA è riportata una sintesi delle evidenze oggettive acquisite. The RINA report contains a summary of the objective evidence acquired Data di rilascio/Date of issue: 21/10/2022 Data di emissione corrente/Date of current emission: 21/10/2022 Data di scadenza/Expiry date: 20/10/2025 Laura Severino Head of Climate Neutrality & Chain of Custody Sustainability Strategic Center CERTIFICATO CERTIFICATE N° CNP-1 is carbon neutral certified by RINA Services

is produced by Arvedi ESP technology From liquid steel to hot rolled coil with net zero emissions of CO2e (Scope 1 and Scope 2 GHG Protocol) Over 30 years of study, research and development with European Universities and Italian, American and German innovation centres Since 1988 - 460 patents worldwide

The principle of the circular economy applied to steel production • Acciaieria Arvedi produces high quality flat rolled steels using innovative technology • Net emissions of CO2e scope 1 and scope 2 = ZERO • A CIRCULAR ECONOMY product based on a production cycle using an electric furnace and scrap • ZERO WASTE valorising 98% of its waste and processing by-products • Total recovery of process water and run-off rainwater from roofs and surfaced yards