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F Nuovo forno di riscaldo bramme a combustione di idrogeno-metano New hydrogen-natural gas combustion slab heating furnace A D E F In 1884 Terni became part of steelmaking history: the town was chosen as the location for the biggest industrial complex in the recently united Italy to be called “Società Alti Forni, Fonderie e Acciaierie di Terni”, founded on the basis of the project by Admiral Benedetto Brin in collaboration with the Venetian businessman Vincenzo Stefano Breda. Thus came into being a steel works that was unique in Italy and became the symbol of the turning point for modern Italian industry of the time. With over 135 years of experience, Arvedi AST is today one of the most important integrated steelmaking sites in Europe in the stainless steel sector. Its core business is flat rolled stainless steel, for which it is market leader in Italy and one of the four leading producers in Europe. As well as flat rolled steel, the company also produces ERW stainless steel tube and pipe through Tubificio di Terni and forgings in special steels, among the largest in the world, through its Forgings Division. The Company directly employs over 2600 people, while several hundred more are employed in ancillary services and the supply chain. siderurgico Arvedi per la produzione di acciaio inossidabile The new Arvedi steel centre for the production of stainless steel Illustrazione 3D del complesso industriale Arvedi AST di Terni. In evidenza le aree oggetto del nuovo piano industriale del Gruppo. 3D illustration of the Arvedi AST industrial complex in Terni. The areas highlighted are subject to the Group’s new business plan.