Company Profile

precisione in acciaio inox cturer of precision-rolled stainless steel strip Founded in 1989, its advanced production technology, highly flexible production and consistent quality are the strong points of Arinox S.p.A., a company of international importance in the market for stainless steel precision strip. With a capacity of over 50,000 tonnes/year, the works in Sestri Levante is the only one in Italy, and the largest internationally, for precision rolling of stainless steel / nickel alloy / titanium strip for the automotive sector, precision mechanical engineering, plant design and engineering, industrial components and the electronics sector. It is the only one of its kind able to supply precision-rolled strip in widths up to 1570 mm and thickness down to 0.05 mm. The range is further enhanced by various finishing processes whereby the strip can be annealed or temper rolled to controlled mechanical properties. The major strong point of Arinox is its wide strip plants which allow highly flexible production and make it a benchmark of quality excellence, ensuring an industrial structure able to comply with the constant evolution of the precision strip market, both in terms of cost and technological and quality requirements. The production of stainless steel precision strip requires an extremely complex industrial approach careful to meet the demands of a wide range of applications and customers. In the case of Arinox, over 90% of these customers are in the international market, spread over 3 continents and with complex technological requirements and objectives closely linked to constant process, product and service improvements. In view of this, Arinox has obtained certifications, approvals and licences for specific types of products from leading international institutions. Foto 1: Vista complessiva di Arinox Photo 1: Overall view of Arinox Foto 2: Immagine complessiva del forno di ricottura in atmosfera di idrogeno Photo 2: Annealing furnace in hydrogen atmosphere