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Acciaieria Arvedi has obtained the prestigious EMAS Eco-Management and Audit Scheme certification of the Cremona works after a complex and detailed inspection procedure. The overall contents are: 1. Carbon neutrality has been achieved: it is the world’s first certified carbon-free steelworks: − lowering direct emissions; − feeding the electric furnaces with power exclusively from renewable sources off-setting all the CO2 produced 2. Circular economy: production based on over 75% of recycled raw materials; important Research and Development activities introduced by Acciaieria Arvedi for the coming years are aimed at obtaining procedures and processes for the construction of specific plant for scrap treatment and the processing of metallic waste aimed at correct selection relative to the production cycle. 3. Zero Waste: valorisation of all production waste, residuals and by-products. The goal is to achieve 99% recovery/recycling of waste and processing residuals. − Use of slag (black and white dross) in various areas of application; − Recovery of spent refractories, not only in the same production cycle, but also in new applications without impact on the environment; − Reuse of ferrous by-products; − Recovery of water treatment sludge; − Implementation of differentiated collection for all types of packaging; − Recovery of the hydrochloric acid from pickling for re-use in the same production cycle or for the creation of production conforming to European Reach regulations; − Recovery of all waste heat, first of all steelmaking gases, for energy production for own use; − Recycling and treatment of all process water in a closed circuit. In 2021 all waste from the steelworks was transformed into products sold on the market. No recourse was made to landfills. Re-using production waste allows natural resources to be saved. Following the acquisition of Acciai Speciali Terni, Acciaieria Arvedi foresees an important environmental investment plan to transfer its know-how for the decarbonisation of the Terni industrial site and make it circular. ENERGIA ACQUA TERRITORIO ENERGY WATER TERRITORY -250.000 Ton.CO2 ABBATTUTE ANNUALMENTE ANNUAL REDUCTION RISPARMIO IDRICO MEDIO AVERAGE WATER SAVING TASSO DI RICICLO E RECUPERO DEI MATERIALI UTILIZZATI USED MATERIALS RECYCLING AND RECOVERY RATE OBBIETTIVO ULTERIORE RIDUZIONE NEXT REDUCTION TARGET CONCENTRAZIONE DI MICROINQUINANTI CONCENTRATION OF MICROPOLLUTANTS PERCENTUALE DI SCORIE RECUPERATE PERCENTAGE OF SLAG RECOVERED -92.000 m3/anno 98% 95% -346.000 Ton.CO2 Fino a -30 volte Arvedi: the world’s first steelworks with net zero emissions of CO2 Acciaieria Arvedi è EMAS! Acciaieria Arvedi is EMAS!