Arvedi and social activity

The attention that Fondazione Arvedi-Buschini  and the companies of the Arvedi Group pay to the local community is also characterised by projects of a social nature destined for both the young and the elderly.


Colonie Padane upgraded thanks to the engagement of the Fondazione Arvedi-Buschini

The Colonie Padane has been returned to its former splendour thanks to the engagement of the Fondazione Arvedi-Buschini. The old complex, once home to the town’s heliotherapy colony, has been recovered for the local community through the restoration and valorisation of the architectonic complex and its surrounding park. Work, made possible thanks to a convention signed with the Local Administration, was concluded in summer 2017.


Since 1993 study grants have been awarded to the children of employees. Among the aims of this activity, which over the years has gratified hundreds of young deserving students, is support for the educational development and the formation of active and responsible citizens.

"Giovanni e Luciana Arvedi" old people’s home

Among the many works benefiting the community is to be highlighted the inauguration in 2014 of the “Giovanni e Luciana Arvedi” old people’s home.

The structure was realised with the support of the Foundation which fully recovered the complex formerly owned by the Congregazione delle Suore Adoratrici of Rivolta d’Adda which housed the ex-La Pace clinic. The modern and comfortable building was donated to the Diocese of Cremona which in turn made it available to the Fondazione La Pace onlus, an organisation which deals with its management. This residential care home is located in Cremona and can accommodate 84 people.