Association of Retired Arvedi Workers (ALPA)

Strongly and generously supported by the Chairman, Giovanni Arvedi, the Association of Retired Arvedi Workers (ALPA) – located in Via Acquaviva 6, in Cremona – for over fifteen years has offered ex-employees the opportunity of keeping in contact with colleagues and with the company. With this aim it promotes cultural, sport, tourism, recreational and welfare initiatives.

It now counts 363 members, about 70 per cent of former employees who have retired. The number also shows the relations between the Group and its employees. The company, as an open system, depends on a basis of resources possessed to varying degrees by all its workers: their involvement in the process of creating value can only lead to an environment of co-operation. For the Chairman, Giovanni Arvedi, and the management, profitability and sociability are two closely connected working aims. Assertion in a competitive context and the development of increasingly innovative technologies can only be done by satisfying the expectations of those who take part in company life, where everyone’s commitment makes a substantial contribution.

This is why the members are frequently in touch with the production departments and attend company meetings and the inauguration of new departments. And they are the custodians of memories essential for a reconstruction of the Group’s amazing adventure, the depositaries of these in so far as the lead actors in a technical and historical story involving local events.

At the same time they are sensitive to matters of research and innovation, to the extent that grants are awarded each year to the best students in the Cremona branch of Politcnico di Milano’s engineering faculty.

Present at all the Group’s initiatives, active in promoting cultural and sports events, ALPA members know how to bring together individual sensitivity and attention to social problems and deep-rooted ethical motivations: they are in fact very active in voluntary work, ensuring collaboration and support with Cremona’s Charity Kitchens.

All those who have retired from the group can become members of ALPA. Membership is free for the first year and subsequently 15 euros per year.

For information please contact the secretary’s office in Via Acquaviva, 6, or call or send a WhatsApp message to the number 347 638 3056 from Monday to Friday.