Arvedi Group

Associazione Industriali of the Province of Cremona visiting Acciaieria Arvedi works

On May 19, a delegation from the “Associazione Industriali” of the Province of Cremona, led by Vice-President Valter Galbignani and Director Massimiliano Falanga, visited Acciaieria Arvedi SpA.

The guests have been welcomed by the CEO Mario Arvedi Caldonazzo (former President of the “Associazione Industriali” from 2009 to 2013) who presented the group, the projects and investments implemented in a perspective of climate neutrality, as well as ARVZERO - the world's first carbon neutral steel production.

This was followed by a tour of the works and in particular the ESP production lines from which ARVZERO itself is originated.

These are the words of Valter Galbignani – Vice-President of the “Associazione Industriali” with responsibility for Association Marketing:

"It is a pleasure and an honor to be able to visit the territory's main industrial reality founded by Cavalier Arvedi who, with his vision and foresight, has become one of the most important steelmaking plant, internationally.
For us entrepreneurs, the association relationship is also made up of moments of growth and comparison such as these from which we can take inspiration to transfer and decline them in our businesses. A special thanks and greeting from the entire association family to Cavalier Giovanni Arvedi and friend and fellow Mario Arvedi Caldonazzo."