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Gestamp signs agreement with Acciaieria Arvedi for the use of low-emissions steel ARVZERO™ for automotive components

Gestamp, the Spanish multinational specialized in the design, development, and manufacture of metal components for the automotive industry, and the Italian steel producer Acciaieria Arvedi, have signed an agreement to supply OEMs with sustainable produced low-emissions steel components using Arvedi´s “Carbon neutral certified ARVZERO™ steel” coming from high-quality scrap.

Gestamp chooses Acciaieria Arvedi for the creation of a more sustainable supply chain as part of its ESG strategy. Thirty years ago, the Italian steel company began an R&D project to create an innovative technology that allows them to produce steel from selected recycled scrap. The sustainability of ARVZERO™ steel is based on the Arvedi-ESP technology and production via electric arc furnace, significantly reducing CO2 emissions and using certified renewable energies.

This partnership marks a step towards circularity which is a key pillar for the decarbonization of the industry across the entire supply chain towards the goal of contributing, in the long term, to the Net Zero Car. The agreement allows Gestamp to return steel scrap generated during the production of stamping parts to Acciaieria Arvedi. This enables Acciaieria Arvedi to reprocess the high-quality scrap and reintroduce it into the production cycle, laying the groundwork for a circular economy.

“With this agreement, we continue our circular economy roadmap in line with Gestamp´s ESG strategy, especially in terms of decarbonization in the production of automotive components through the usage of low-emissions ARVZERO™ steel coming from high-quality scrap”, says Javier Imaz, Chief Purchasing Officer at Gestamp.

"Our collaboration represents an important step for steel products with a sustainable supply chain," emphasized Fabio Baldrighi, Vice President at Acciaieria Arvedi, at the signing of the agreement.

The cooperation agreement for the supply of sustainable steel from Italy under the name ARVZERO™, will enable the use of this low-emissions steel in Gestamp sites with flat product processing.