Tube 2020: visit us in Düsseldorf


From March 30 to April 4, 2020, the key players of the steel industry will gather in Düsseldorf for the biennial appointment with the Tube, the most important fair for the tube industry.

Three companies of the Arvedi Group, one of the main European producer of welded stainless and carbon steel tubes, will take part in the fair, which is an unmissable moment of meeting and debate for end-users, designers, tube producers and technology suppliers.

The German event will be a perfect chance to meet our customers and all the players of new markets, and present them the new investments and the latest products developed to strengthen our positioning as a market leader, widening the range of solution for our customers.

Arvedi for sustainable steel

The companies of the Arvedi Group can offer to all the players of the tube industry the advantages of a product that is completely controlled and certified within the Group. From the production of the hot rolled coils by the Acciaieria Arvedi, the biggest electric steel mill in Europe, to the processing of hot and cold finished tubes by Arvedi Tubi Acciaio and further to the field of precision finishing powered by Metalfer.

Moreover, for many applications, we can certified our tubes as coming from mostly recycled material, realized with more than 70% scrap. This allows the customers to use tubes produced with a circular process and join our effort to win the challenge of environmental sustainability.

Ilta Inox

Ilta Inox will be at Stand C39, Hall 3. Leader in the production of welded stainless steel tubes, at the Tube 2020 Ilta Inox will present the new range of tubes produced with the innovative HFI high frequency welding line, which is the result of an investment of many dozens million Euro.

This investment will allow the company to offer the customers a new and more efficient way to produce high quality stainless steel, which is always more important in the structural field, construction and architecture.

Arvedi Tubi Acciaio

Arvedi Tubi Acciaio will be at Stand C39, Hall 3. One of the main European producer of stainless steel welded tubes, Arvedi Tubi Acciaio will present the new line expressly designed for the production of Leonardo, the prefect tube for high performance architectural structures. It features the benefits of a hot-finished tube and sections, such as homogeneity of the technical characteristic, with the geometric and dimensional precision typical of cold-rolled ones.


Ilta Inox and Arvedi Tubi Acciaio will be waiting for you at Stand C39, Hall 3



Metalfer will be waiting for you at Stand C31, Hall 3. Among the European leaders in the drawing of welded tube , Metalfer will present at the Tube 2020 the new range of high precision tubes focused on the hydraulic field and will introduce to the stakeholders Metalfer Automotive Morocco, the new steel service centers that will soon open in Tangeri to serve the market of mechanic and automotive application in Maghreb.

After the creation of Metalfer Polonia and Metalfer Brasil, this new investment will further develop the international position of Metalfer and its capacity to offer the market customized and just in time solutions.

Metalfer will be at Stand C31, Hall 3.