The Arvedi Group and information


Cremona 1 is a television station operating in the Lombardy region since 2013. It broadcasts on digital terrestrial channel 19 giving ample space to topical issues, culture, current affairs, sport and 360-degree news coverage thanks to careful scheduling by a management with its roots firmly established in the community and its technological investments. The television studios are in Cremona, in via Bastida 16. Cremona 1 is also equipped with a hi-tech mobile production unit for outdoor events. The website, besides a description of the overall schedule and single programmes produced by Cremona 1, also allows viewing on demand of the programmes broadcast.

CREMONAOGGI – CREMAOGGI - OGLIOPONEWS s an editorial initiative of the province of Cremona which came into being in 2011 which, together with .it  and creates an authoritative online centre of information based on the concept of “free” multi-channelling of new. It faces up to the need for ever more immediate news that is free, high quality, independent in its content, highly focused on local information but attentive to what happens regionally, in Italy and in the world. Modern graphics, high speed signal, a mixture of texts, photos and films to get straight at the heart of the questions are its trademarks.


Mondo Padano came into being in November 1981 as a weekly paper published on Mondays. Towards the end of 1982 the paper had a further boost when Giovanni Arvedi founded SEL (Società Editoriale Lombarda) which, to definitively establish the weekly, promoted a very modern lay-out, charging one of the masters of the renewal of the Italian press, Sergio Ruffolo, with the graphics.

In the late 1990s Mondo Padano became part of the editorial group SEC (Società Editoriale Cremonese) moving towards a transformation which took it first to appearing on Saturdays attached to the weekly newspaper La Provincia, to then become an internal section of the same to discuss specific arguments.

In 2013 Società Servizi Editoriali, controlled by the Arvedi Group, became the owner of the paper and Mondo Padano was published as a Friday weekly with new graphics and dealing with current news, the economy and culture of Cremona and the local area.