The Arvedi Group and sport

For many years Giovanni Arvedi has paid particular attention to the development of sports activities, mainly juvenile ones, recognizing the role that sport has in developing personal relationships and growing up.

A commitment which, in 2013, earned Mr Arvedi the Gold Star award for sporting merit from CONI (the Italian Olympic Committee).

Friendship, solidarity, loyalty, collaboration, respect of rules and competition are values which belong both to the world of sport and the world of business. Inspired by the same values, the Arvedi Group for years has been in the front line to financially support clubs and events in various areas of sport.



Cremona Sportiva born in 1977 and adopted its current name ten years later with the entry into the club’s management of Giovanni Arvedi, current honorary President.

The aim of the club is to promote and develop the sport of athletics for young people starting from primary schools, favouring the socio-educational aspect over exaggerated agonism.

Cremona Sportiva is recognized with the C.O.N.I. Silver Star for sporting merit and its athletes distinguish themselves in competitions at the different category levels.



Founded in 1903, the grey-red club was acquired by Giovanni Arvedi in 2007. Through the constant commitment of the ownership, in a very short time it has returned to being an irreplaceable reference point for the entire soccer movement, at national level.

State-of-the-art structures at the “Giovanni Arvedi” sports centre – including two synthetic turf and three natural grass fields – allow about 200 athletes in youth teams to train and grow up together in harmony in a high-level environment under the attentive eye of the qualified technical staff and in close contact with the professional players of the Top Team, playing in “Serie A” during the 2022-2023 season.



The Club founded in 1891 and since 2006 has joined its historical name to the Arvedi Group one, has the main objective of introducing young people to cycling by  focusing on educational, social and fun aspects. The teams compete in the Giovanissimi, Allievi and Juniores categories, and have achieved important results including 19 Italian Championships, 4 European Championships, 1 World Championship, 1 Olympic Gold and several other European and World podiums.

The Club, supported by precious volunteers, organises different events, one above all the “Port Circuit – Arvedi Trophy”, an international competition for the Elite/U23 category.