Arvedi for culture

Encouraged by its founder, Giovanni Arvedi, the Group has always considered the arts, music and theatre essential instruments for conveying high-profile content and promoting social and cultural development at a local level, enhancing the value of excellence.


Music and theatre

Each year Fondazione Arvedi-Buschini and the Arvedi Group identify a series of concerts to support of significant quality and particular importance. Over the last few years attention has been directed at musical events connected with the choir Coro Polifonico Cremonese for Holy Week, an organ concert by the master organist Marco Ruggeri at the church of Sant’Omobono, the concert “Music and theology in the Cathedral” with the singer Antonella Ruggiero, the Tarquinio Merula international organ festival and the concert by the boys choir of the Milan Accademia del Teatro alla Scala.

With the inauguration of the Violin Museum, Fondazione Arvedi-Buschini has taken on an important role contributing to the realisation of the Stradivari Festival, one of the leading music events in Cremona and recognized internationally. It is one of the founding members of Fondazione “A. Ponchielli”, the body which presides over Cremona’s historical theatre, and has had a key role in the creation of Fondazione Scuola di musica Claudio Monteverdi, a music school.

Books and publications

The Arvedi Group’s close relations with the local area are also shown by its contribution to numerous activities for the dissemination of knowledge in various areas of culture and the arts. Of particular interest is the volume produced on termination of the restoration work on the church of Saints Margherita and Pelagia.


Palazzo dell’Arte in Cremona, the work designed in 1941 by the architect Carlo Cocchia, has been brought back to its former splendour thanks to the generous intervention of Fondazione Arvedi-Buschini. Work was concluded in September 2012. The renovated building houses the Violin Museum, an engine of cultural activity for the area and a concrete symbol of the historical excellence of Cremonese violinmaking. It was inaugurated in September 2013.

In a covered area of 6500 m2 there is a 460-seat auditorium built using the most modern and innovative acoustic techniques, a “treasure chest” displaying the musical instruments from the Stradivarian collection, libraries, conference rooms, multimedia and interactive areas, laboratories for students, a bookshop and café and dining facilities. 

Inside the Violin Museum the Politecnico di Milano and Università degli Studi di Pavia have opened two scientific research laboratories which develop coordinated activities on subjects connected to violinmaking. The combination of complementary skills and integrated scientific management have allowed the creation of an excellent scientific and diagnostic research centre, a strong point of the Violin Museum.

Fondazione Arvedi-Buschini is a founding member of Fondazione Antonio Stradivari – Museo del Violino.