Group companies

The Arvedi Group is composed of 6 companies, operating in 6 business areas, and service centres to offer their customers a vast range of products and solutions.


Acciaieria Arvedi: Flat rolled steel. Cremona and Trieste.

It produces quality black, pickled, galvanized and pre-painted carbon steel coils at its works in Cremona and Trieste.

Built in the early 1990s, the Cremona site is a highly modern industrial works, Europe’s first and world’s second example of a mini-mill for flat rolled steel, with two production lines, each fed by its own electric arc furnace. The technological process based on the innovative Arvedi ISP and ESP technologies (patented worldwide) allows the liquid steel to be transformed at competitive costs into top quality hot rolled ultrathin coils in a single, extremely compact cycle.

Acciaieria Arvedi carries out important operations to prepare the material for sale through its own integrated or off-site service centres such as Centro Siderurgico Industriale (CSI) and Centro Siderurgico Adriatico (CSA) located in central Italy. CSI has acquired Sidervasto, a structural pipe manufacturer strategically situated for logistics inside a port structure as well as being well connected to the railway and industrial systems.

In 2014 Acciaieria Arvedi acquired the Trieste works (Acciaieria Arvedi Trieste). The Trieste steelmaking site allows the hot rolled coils produced at the Cremona works to be processed and finished, to produce cold rolled high value special steels destined for the automotive sector, general applications, galvanized and coated flat rolled products.  Together with Siderurgica Triestina (the logistics branch of the Trieste steelmaking site) it disposes of an intermodal logistics platform, with a railway connection to transfer the material destined for the Cremona works and a port quay for the procurement of raw materials and shipping of finished products by sea.

Arvedi Tubi Acciaio (ATA): Carbon steel welded tubes. Cremona.

Built in the early 1970s and from the start fitted with state-of-the-art plants, Arvedi Tubi Acciaio produces pipes and hollow sections destined for a wide range of applications both in the construction and in particular  in the fluids distribution sector (hydrocarbons and water).

Highly oriented towards quality and special products made with coils from Acciaieria Arvedi, it holds significant positions in the domestic and European markets.

ATA has a broad range of round pipe products with diameters up to 355.6 mm and wall thickness up to 16.5 mm. In the hot and cold finished hollow sections sector the production range is up to 300x300 mm for square hollow sections and up to 400x200 mm for rectangular ones with wall thickness up to 16 mm.

Metalfer S.p.A.: Drawn tubes. Roè Volciano (Brescia) and Corbetta (Milan).

ATA is the owner of Metalfer S.p.A. Italy’s leading company and one of Europe’s most important companies for the production of cold drawn tubes destined for the automotive, mechanical engineering, hydraulic and pneumatic cylinder sectors.

ILTA Inox: Stainless steel welded tubes. Robecco d'Oglio (Cremona)

The first company founded by Giovanni Arvedi, it produces stainless steel welded tubes and hollow sections. Alongside its laser-welded tube production Ilta Inox also produces high frequency (HF) welded tubes in order to offer its customers structural round tube and hollow sections in a broader size range. ILTA Inox currently exports about 75% of its production.

ARINOX: Stainless steel precision strip. Sestri Levante, Riva Trigoso (Genova)

Arinox is one of only a few companies in the world specialised in the production of precision-rolled ultrathin stainless steel strip (range 0.05-0.35 mm)

One of the strong points of Arinox is its cycle of wide production plants which allow highly flexible production and constant quality excellence. Stainless steel precision strip production requires an industrial approach with great attention to customer satisfaction in a wide range of applications.

Arinox operates in a niche sector and exports about 88% of its production.

Arvedi AST: Flat rolled stainless steel, stainless steel tubes and forged products. Terni.

Arvedi AST produces austenitic, ferritic and martensitic steels which are processed into hot or cold rolled flat products in a vast range of finishings, thicknesses and widths. The company also produces ERW stainless steel tubes through its tube mill Tubificio di Terni and special forged steel products, among the largest in the world, through its SDF division.

Arvedi AST has service centres in Italy (Terninox), Germany (AST Deutschland) and Turkey (AST Turkey).