Mission and strategic plan

The Arvedi Group, starting out in the 1960s as a processor of primary steel products, has climbed up the line of manufacturing with a strategy of integration and verticalization, with every right entering the steel manufacturing sector following the construction of Acciaieria Arvedi.

Through its companies the Group currently operates from raw material to a product close to final use in a context of integration which over the years has been supported by a strategy aimed at quality production and investment in innovative and avant-garde technologies. These investments have allowed the companies to acquire solid positions and excellent reputations in their respective market sectors.

Thanks to its industrial, organisational and logistical skills the Group holds significant positions in Italy and Europe for some specific products such as carbon and stainless-steel welded tubes, precision rolled stainless steel strip and more recently for quality steel coils coming from the Acciaieria Arvedi steel works.

Endless Steel condenses and enhances the three pillars on which our Group's vision is based: technology, people and the environment.

Endless is our ESP technology, which now has over 400 patents worldwide.

Endless is the history of steel in the service of man.

Endless is the possibility of recycling the same steel 'indefinitely', according to the principles of the circular economy.

The strategic plan aims on the one hand at the growth of the core business through the consolidation and expansion of its market positions – with increasingly qualified and new products, above all thanks to the innovative plants of Acciaieria Arvedi – and on the other with the commercial exploitation of Arvedi ESP technology on the international market for steelmaking plants.