Arvedi Campus

In an increasingly competitive and globalized market, the Arvedi Group is an Italian name that bases its success on technological innovation and product quality, counting among its assets know-how and an entrepreneurial spirit that has made it a model of the Italian company in the world. The values inspired by its founder and President, Giovanni Arvedi, the best operating and management practices adopted and state-of-the-art production technology are the basis of company culture to be preserved and passed on to future generations.

The Arvedi Campus is the Group’s physical and virtual place dedicated to training, innovation and the development of talent.  The Specialised Training Centre is focused on technical, managerial and business training and aims to spread and share skills, a sense of belonging and company culture.

The Arvedi Campus aims to spread Arvedi specialized skills and best practices with training provided directly by internal and external technical personnel, making recruitment attractive, taking young talent on board through structured paths in line with the area in which they have been inserted and maintaining the entrepreneurial and innovative spirit that characterizes Arvedi’s top management creating a shared style.

The Arvedi Campus is in Building B - Polo Verde inside the Distretto Tecnologico di Cremona built by CRIT (Crescita Relazione Innovazione Territorio).