Relationship with the environment

The Arvedi Group’s commitment to the environment has been integrated for years into the core business of the group’s companies and is shown in many ways.


The first directly concerns products and processing cycles: through improvements in technologies, research and innovation, products are made that are highly compatible with the environment and greatly lower the impact on the environment of industrial operations. A responsible attitude which translates into the care taken to respect the various parameters provided by law. Its plant-efficiency policy allows considerable energy savings, with Acciaieria Arvedi – the Group’s biggest energy consumer - showing an improvement of +2.6% in the last few years in its efficiency index and a reduction in carbon dioxide production of about 250 thousand tpy, raising the performance of ESP technology as regards emissions, already far better than that of traditional steelmaking.

Water consumption from source: thanks to recirculation systems this is less than 4% of requirements. The water is used mainly for cooling during production and product-finishing processes. It is a central resource in the processing cycles and its recovery and saving are essential for production efficiency. The Arvedi Group’s technical and technological solutions allow water savings 50% higher than conventional steelmaking plants.

Polluting liquid emissions are from 3 to 30 times lower than legal limits..

The efficient use of energy and the fumes collection, treatment and filtering systems contribute to reducing gas emissions into the atmosphere to 3 to 10 times lower than legal limits. Dust emissions from the chimneys are constantly monitored.

Over 95% of processing waste is recycled or recovered. 98% of the black slag generated by Acciaieria Arvedi’s melting process is used and destined for the construction sector in the form of Inertex, a legally certified product. 40% of white slag from processing is recovered and used in the form of Calcetek for stabilising clay soils and as a substitute for lime. The environmental compatibility of both products is certified.

The presence and use of the railway for handling goods and materials is another indicator of the Arvedi Group’s environmental commitment: 42% of materials entering and leaving the steel works are transported by rail.

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