Social responsibility

““The urgent challenge to protect our common home includes a concern to bring the whole human family together to seek a sustainable and integral development ….” 
(Pope Francis, encyclical letter “Laudato sì”)

The primary aim of the company is to seek profit, to be obtained by raising productivity and developing production capacity; profit to be pursued, however, in a socially responsible and environmentally compatible manner. These are the values which have always guided the activities of Giovanni Arvedi and which for over 50 years he has passed on to the companies which make up the Arvedi Group. The deeply-rooted bond which has always existed with the town of Cremona and its province, at the core of entrepreneurial activities which now go beyond Italy’s border, attentive community relations –listening to and in dialogue with the surrounding environment – are strategic values which the Group pursues wherever it is present.

The ongoing efforts directed at the search for technologically innovative production, which is highly compatible with the environment, are part of this operational logic. Arvedi Steel Technology is an example of high-performance process and product technology which allows energy saving and lowers the impact on the environment. One figure shows all this: through its environmental policies and the benefits guaranteed by technological innovation, annual emissions of CO2 from Acciaieria Arvedi are 250,000 tonnes less than those from traditional steelmaking production system

The real protagonists of manufacturing operations, however, are people. The Arvedi Group currently employs about 3,000 people, precious resources to be protected and in which to invest and who are active components of the communities in which they live. In these times of rapid change, a company, above all a family-run company strongly linked to the economic fabric of its area, does not determine its actions only by its ability to create profit; in the end each decision taken extends the perimeter of the company to the benefit of society, passing on values and culture: hence the company today becomes an effective source of well-being for its employees, for the local area and for the national System, reasons which drive the Group towards a constant commitment to supporting local communities socially and culturally.

Though the current economic situation is not the most favourable for the economy and for companies, a substantially positive picture is emerging where, alongside the undisputable levels of excellence achieved by the various components of the Group, areas emerge of improvements to be consolidated with the support of everyone and through constant open dialogue with the communities, as happens in the Osservatorio Arvedi which has been in operation for years in Cremona. The aim is to define future projects able to integrate core business and the environment, challenges which the Arvedi Group is ready to face with the necessary skills and sense of responsibility, as is happening with the impressive clean-up, modernising and industrial relaunching operations at the Trieste works.