Company Profile

Area Area Europa Europe Paesi terzi Third countries Italia Italy 38% 54% 8% MARKET The companies of the Arvedi Group are present in the main market areas (carbon and stainless) of the flat rolled steel sector with primary steel products (in various types of finishing) and first-stage processing with carbon and stainless steel welded tubes. Also of importance is customer service activity with numerous centres, well equipped with slitting, flattening and packaging plants, both directly linked to the steel mills and also managed autonomously. REVENUES BY PRODUCT LINE AND BY AREA With the acquisition by the Arvedi Group of the operations of Acciai Speciali Terni (AST) in January 2022, the composition of revenues by product line and by area has changed considerably since AST contributes significant volumes being Europe’s fourth largest manufacturer of stainless steel (figures for 2021). CUSTOMER RELATIONS Surveys conducted in recent years on customer satisfaction, and in compliance with the provisions of standards UNI EN ISO 9001/2000, have shown a high level of satisfaction regarding product quality, technical assistance and service. Over the years disputes over product quality for the various companies, expressed as a percentage, are well below 0.35% of overall sales and constantly falling. Carbon steel accounts overall for 55% of production while stainless steel for 45%. THE CONSTANT SEARCH FOR EXCELLENCE Technological process innovation which also aims at achieving product innovation is the objective of intense and ongoing research and development activity conducted by the companies of the Arvedi Group and supported by scientific exchanges with other specialised research centres and collaboration projects with international customers and suppliers. Efforts are always directed at products and quality through which the Arvedi Group meets the challenge of a global market which demands high levels of efficiency and productivity. Human and financial resources are destined each year for the search for new plant and process solutions and to obtain innovative products and services which may allow the Arvedi Group’s customers to increase their competitive advantage, reducing costs and improving performance. Safety and the protection of the environment are the constant focus of research for solutions leading to energy savings, high levels of compatibility with the environment and recyclable products obtained through ever more efficient and effective processes. The companies of the Arvedi Group have obtained the most important environmental approval-type certifications. FATTURATO PER LINEA DI PRODOTTO E PER AREA Con l’acquisizione da parte del Gruppo Arvedi delle attività di Acciai Speciali Terni (AST) avvenuta nel corso del mese di gennaio 2022, la composizione del fatturato per linea di prodotto e per area è fortemente mutata per l’apporto di AST di volumi rilevanti essendo il quarto produttore europeo di acciaio inossidabile (valori al 2021). Il carbonio esprime un valore complessivo del 55% mentre l’inossidabile si colloca al 45%.